News Release: 5/2/2017: Monster-tunity Internship Program

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Monster-tunity Internship Program
Hernando County, FL, April 25, 2017– Growth at Monster Transmission & Performance
"We are a high performance company, made of high performance people! The program is a tremendous win-win-win for the community, bringing together a dynamic group of organizations to help move the county's employment rate into overdrive!”
       - Achilles Thomas, President/CEO Monster Transmission & Performance

Monster Transmission & Performance purchased a second property to expand due to recent growth. In light of the high volume of staffing needed to support the second facility, Monster is shifting their staffing strategy forward. The first step to accomplishing this is announcing their partnership with CareerSource Pasco Hernando and the Hernando County School District to offer the Monster-tunity Internship Program.
Through the partnership of the Hernando County School District, CareerSource Pasco Hernando and Monster Transmission & Performance, we will be quickly launching this program which is set to begin this summer. The Monster-tunity Internship is more than a summer internship program. We are seeking individuals interested in beginning a career with Monster Transmission & Performance. Each summer we will be seeking 18-20 paid interns to whom on-the-job training will be provided. At the end of the internship, outstanding candidates will be asked to participate in an interview for a full-time position with Monster. Offering a wide variety of positions, Monster is not your typical transmission manufacturer. Through several company brands such as Nature Coast TV, Thor Converters, Hardcore Clutches, Burn Rubber Brewing Co. and others, there are numerous positions available, including videographers, marketing specialists, graphic designers, sales, carpenters and machinists, along with the automotive skilled positions.
“By offering this internship to our students, the team at Monster Transmission & Performance provides more than work experience. They offer key life skills that will empower our students beyond graduation.”
      - Dr. Lori Romano, Superintendent of Hernando County School District

CareerSource Pasco Hernando’s Youth Program will use WIOA eligibility guidelines to screen applicants for the internship. Each applicant will be interviewed to determine their eligibility and suitability for the youth program and internship. If a youth meets the federal barriers set forth in WIOA legislation, he or she will be moved forward through the application process and complete a basic skills assessment. Youth will then be interviewed by staff from Monster Transmission & Performance for a final decision on their participation in the internship.
There are eighteen internship positions available through this opportunity this year. Participants in this internship will attend a week-long employability skills workshop, during which they will perform career interest exploration, learn job search techniques, learn how to craft professional resumes, hone their interview skills, attend sexual harassment, ADA, and diversity training, learn financial literacy, and attend a customer service and sales training for a national credential. Two workshops will be held at the end of May to accommodate the staggered graduation schedule of the participants. Upon successful completion of the workshop, youth will be eligible to receive an incentive of $200.
“We are very happy to have such a good partnership with Monster Transmission & Performance and Hernando County Schools Who have helped to pull together to provide this great opportunity for the students”
      -Jerome Salatino, President/CEO CSPH
Youth will begin their internships on Monday, June 6 and complete them on Thursday, July 20. Interns will earn $8.50 per hour during the internship and may be eligible for permanent employment at the end of the internship. This could result in a wage increase of up to $10 to $12 per hour. Youth may also receive assistance with clothing or supplies they may need during the internship.
If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jady Vargas, Monster Transmission & Performance at (352) 584-1914. CareerSource Pasco Hernando, Glenn Anderson (352) 200-3041 can be reached for questions related to eligibility. CareerSource Pasco Hernando, Kelly Castro (352) 247-9663 can be reached for questions related to internship development programs.