News Release: 1/3/2019:Crescent Clinic to help homeless folks with their dental issues

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On January 22nd the Nature Coast Community Services Foundation has arranged for the Crescent Clinic to help homeless folks with their dental issues.  Crescent Clinic will be going to their encampments in the woods to assist them.
Having a reporter and photographer at the site to document the good work of the Crescent Clinic might make a great human interest story.
The Crescent Clinic is a nonprofit organization, started and largely run by the kindness of Muslim doctors, nurses and dentists for the betterment of low/no-income people of Hernando County.  These wonderful folks do not get the credit for their good work which they deserve.  
At the same time, the Nature Coast Community Services Foundation has to be aware of the feelings of our homeless constituents.  They may be homeless but they have pride and we need to honor and protect it.  Hence, I would ask you to let me know if you are interested in covering this wonderful human interest story, let me know so I can make it happen without impinging on our constituents.
Thank you.
Contact me at 352-600-9555 or by email:
Ellen Paul
Executive Director
Nature Coast Community Services Foundation